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Share The Journey Breast Cancer ResearchKit App by Sage Bionetworks

15 Nov Share The Journey Breast Cancer ResearchKit App by Sage Bionetworks


Share The Journey: Mind, Body, and Wellness after Breast Cancer introduces a new approach to monitoring women’s health via mobile apps. Some breast cancer survivors recover quicker than others and over time, their symptoms vary. The iPhone Researchkit app developed by Sage Bionetworks in collaboration with leading breast cancer researchers and global cancer institutions and funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, aims to study and understand physical, mental, and emotional after-effects of breast cancer treatment and thereby provide patients improved post-treatment quality of life.


On signing up, you have to answer questions about yourself, current health, and medical history. The app will ask you to perform activities on your mobile phone, periodically answer questions related to five aspects – fatigue, sleep disturbances, exercise patterns, mood changes and cognitive changes. The app allows patients to self report via questionnaires as well as collects data on physical activity through iPhone or any HealthKit compatible wearable device.



How To Start Sharing The Journey

  1. Download the free study application on your iPhone.
  2. Register an account and confirm your agreement to participate in this study.
  3. You are ready to answer questionnaires and do tasks that will be periodically sent to you. You have the choice to participate in the entire study or only parts of it.

The data collected from you would include survey responses, journal entries about your week, symptoms, measurements of activity determined through phone sensors, will be assigned a random code without your name and added to data of other study participants. You can review your data via the unique account you sign up with.  

If you are a woman aged anywhere between 18 years to 80 years and a US resident with a history of breast cancer or without a history of any cancer, you are eligible to participate in the study!. Yes, you should have a personal iPhone too!

Including women without a history of breast cancer is interesting since this would provide a ‘control group’  and help researchers explain and differentiate between symptoms related to previous cancer treatments and those that occur normally during the aging process.

Efforts are on to extend study to include men who have been treated for breast cancer.

Study site

Sponsor/Developer: Sage Bionetworks

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