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America Walks launched by TrialX Research : First ResearchKit Based Study on Android and iOS

31 Mar America Walks launched by TrialX Research : First ResearchKit Based Study on Android and iOS

America’s first mobile app study compatible with iOS and Android phones, on walking has been launched by TrialX Research. The completely virtual study will investigate walking activity of Americans. Study will be led by Dr. Chintan Patel, co-founder of TrialX Inc.,clinical research informatics company headquartered in New York City.

Walk your way to health, while doing so carry your smartphone with you and participate in a study. Its’ as simple as a researchkit study can get. There is no need for any manual entering of data!!

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To participate in the America Walks study, you have to be resident in the United States and at least be 18 years of age. Of course, you need to own a smartphone, (iphone 5s or above or Android phone) which has a step count sensor.



When you first download app, you will answer a questionnaire about the study to ensure that you understand all nuances of the study. The study will be conducted for 120 days and each participant will be expected to participate for 30 days. The data collected will be used to determine the  following:

  1. Walking activity as measured by the average daily number of steps walked and its variation during the 3- day study duration at individual level as well as study cohort level.
  2. Difference between self-reported perception of walking activity and actual walking activity measured via daily step count.
  3. Compare average number of steps walked by participants across different demographic categories like age, gender, ethnicity, location, marital status and income.
  4. Determine whether a participant’s baseline average step count differs significantly from their average step counts over the 30 day study period.


The data collected will also be used to display step counts of participants on a map. Participants will be able to compare their steps with others in their state/city as well as demographic category. Data will also be displayed on a leaderboard indicating state ranks based on average daily steps walked by participants in a state.


We all know that walking 10k steps a day is recommended for healthy living, but how many of us actually follow through. With this app, you know exactly how many steps you walked in a day as well as how many steps other people in your state are walking and this data will help in a study. Your contribution to medical research.

Sponsor/Developer: TrialX Research

Study Site:

Download on iTunes

Download on Google Play

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