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Author: Priya Menon

researchkit app interview

20 Mar ResearchKit Mobile Health Apps: In Conversation with Dan Webster and the Mole Mapper Journey

The introduction of ResearchKit (Apple Inc.), the open-source platform in clinical research, piqued interest in the medical community even amidst apprehensions about skewed data and anticipation of performance in the ‘real world’. It has been two years since, and some of the results trickling in...

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31 Mar America Walks launched by TrialX Research : First ResearchKit Based Study on Android and iOS

America’s first mobile app study compatible with iOS and Android phones, on walking has been launched by TrialX Research. The completely virtual study will investigate walking activity of Americans. Study will be led by Dr. Chintan Patel, co-founder of TrialX Inc.,clinical research informatics company headquartered...

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